Candles- We have a great selection of wonderful scented Circle E Candles.


Children’s Gifts- Do you have a child in your life that loves to help in the garden or play in the soil? We have a few products that help enhance their playing experience and give them their own garden tools to work with.


Chimeneas & Fire Pits- these are sure to warm you up! We love our chimeneas and fire pits! We have multiple styles and sizes to choose from.


Gift Cards- who doesn’t love a gift card!?


Honey- Tom’s has raw honey that was produced right here in Lubbock. We also have extra virgin 100% pure and natural Bee Chama Honey that is made in Polvadera, NM, and is raw and unfiltered. Honey is the perfect sweet treat and makes an excellent gift.


Patio Furniture- Add beauty and comfort to your patio or outdoor living space with patio furniture! We have several styles and colors to choose from.


Pecans- Tom’s has locally grown pecans that are shelled and ready for consumption. We can also crack your harvested pecans.


Pecan oil- It's heart healthy - low in saturated fats. It's also a light flavor and does not over power the food or seasoning. Pecan oil enhances the flavors of your dishes! Click here to see some of our favorite recipes!


Pottery- Tom’s carries fountains and pottery of all shapes sizes and colors. Some of our fountains are “plug-and-play” and our team can show you how easy they are to set up. We also have fountains that require additional installation time, we would be happy to help you install your fountain for an additional fee. Tom’s also carries pottery that is designed to add interest and beauty to your flowers and plants.


Wind chimes- Tom’s has beautiful Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes. These wind chimes are visually and acoustically extraordinary chimes. The chimes are made out of heavy aluminum tubing, they are extremely weather resistant, and produce outstanding tones and resonance.





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