Landscape Architecture & Design- Landscape Architecture is a mixture of artistic design and improved functionality of outdoor spaces. Our Landscape Architects develop plans for large-scale commercial projects as well as plans for residential use. The design team works in a studio setting which allows for a free flow of ideas and integration of each job. We design and build many different styles of designs and our team will work with you from the drawing board all the way through completion.

Landscape Construction- We have multiple landscape construction teams, each team has their own specialty and is bursting with talent and years of experience. We construct both hardscape and landscape designs, and all designs are built to spec. The outcome of both the hardscape and landscape style extenuates the beauty of the surrounding area. In many of our designs we incorporate both styles, this helps conserve water and it allows the outcome to be esthetically pleasing to the eye.
Landscape designs soften your outdoor space, making it more beautiful and functional. Having the right landscape creates opportunities and usability. Landscapes can also help protect your outdoor living space from unwanted noise and excessive wind. Our landscape construction teams can transport mature trees and plants that give your home or business a remarkably established appearance.
Hardscapes are unique designs that require minimal water resources and maintenance efforts. Our designs add beauty and functionality to walkways and the entire landscape. We have many different types of materials that are used to enhance a hardscape design such as: brick, stone, rock, and concrete. We can also improve the visual aspects of the concrete we pour by adding a pattern and color.

Landscape Maintenance-Tom’s has a maintenance team dedicated to keep landscapes healthy and well groomed. Our maintenance team maintains landscapes for large corporate businesses, municipalities, and Home Ownership Associations.

Irrigation & Backflow Check- We have a Licensed Irrigator and Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester on staff and ready to assist you in your irrigation and backflow needs. Our irrigation systems are installed to best serve your landscape needs. An irrigation system can help you water most efficiently and effectively. Backflow Prevention tests are required by the State of Texas. They are designed to prevent possible sources of non-drinking water from entering public drinking water systems.

Tree Services- Tom’s has multiple tree spades, these machines allow us to move big, established trees and place them in a new location. Our expert arborists take the up-most care in moving established trees to insure their health and success of new placement. We use this technique with many of our designs to give the landscape an established and mature composition. We also offer pruning services and tree diagnostics for trees that need special care.​​​​​​​

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